Elegant Pens

If you are in the market for a very upscale pen I suggest you try out a few of the more popular ones, Aurora Ipsilon Yellow Resin Ballpoint Pen or the Die Struck Parker Sonnet GT Ball Pen are both a great place to start with a low cost to entry. Both of these pens have a great feel and will do well for you. They are both around $100 usd so its not going to break the bank

P163 163 Mont Blanc

Elegant Roller Ball Pen Black Gents Pens  this is one fine pen and you just have to feel the way it writes to believe it. If you are looking for a general use pen that is both elegant and luxurious take a look at this one i just found on Ebay for only US $139.95 . If this is the type of pen you are looking for I would jump on this one its a great deal for a  nice P163 163 Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Pens

Mont Blanc are some of the most well known luxury pens. They are medium priced and have great flow as you use them with your handwriting. In fact Mont Blanc Pens are so well know you may get alot more comments from general people you meet compared to some of the really rare high end luxury pens. I like to compare them to the rolex of pens. If you are looking for something that is not to expensive and will get some nice reactions and admiration then this is the pen for you
Take a look at one of my personal favorites its the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Classique Rollerball Pen P163 and you can pick one up for around $300

OMAS Fountain Pen

One of the worlds most expensive pens is the OMAS Limited Edition “Gaïa” Fountain Pen. This thing comes in at a cool $43,000.00. If you are looking to really make a statement or get some one who collects pens you can not go wrong with this gorgeous pen. Here are some details on the “Gaïa” Fountain Pen and a link if you are interested in buying one for yourself or as a gift .

OMAS Limited Edition “Gaïa” Fountain Pen

Gaïa: “Trip to the centre of the Earth”.
The depths of the Earth, like the sky, have since the most remote ancient times, inspired in Man wonder, curiosity and deep interest which has led fantastic visions of the underground world. This refined fountain pen represents the interpretation of a symbolic and fantastic trip to the centre of the Earth. To realize the Limited Edition “Gaïa”, Omas has exclusively used precious materials, like the yellow and white gold 18K and the Omas “Gaïa Grey” vegetable resin; the Crystal Rock, the Onyx, the Hematite, the Emerald and the Diamond, brillant cut, contribute to enrich and to embellish the body and the cap of the fountain pen. On the bicolour nib, in gold 18K, a precious and refined engraving completes the fountain pen.

The Limited Edition “Gaïa” is available in 30 piston fountain pens.
OUR PRICE: $43,000.00

Luxury Pens

The almost lost art of handwriting is only possible with a high quality pen. You will need an elegant pen to fully show your handwriting potential. If you are a pen connoisseur  you will already know about the main different types of pen with some being very limited and rare. Brands like Conway Stewart Caran d’Ache and ofcourse Mont Blanc Pens. These are the cream of the crop and make for excellent gift ideas for fine writing.

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